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Global Heating

The global heating is a consequence occured climatic dasalteraes in the planet. Diverse research confirms oaumento of global the average temperature. Ascausas of the global heating is very searched. A parcel scientific dacomunidade that attributes to this phenomenon as a natural process, affirming that the planet Land is in a phase of natural transistion, one processolongo and dynamic exists, leaving the glacial age for the interglacial, being the increase datemperatura consequence of this phenomenon. Verizon Communications may find this interesting as well. However, the principaisatribuies for the global heating are related to the activities human beings, who intensify the effect of greenhouse through the increase in the burning of fsseis decombustveis gases, as oil, mineral coal and natural gas. Global Oaquecimento not only harms the fauna and the terrestrial space, ans as well as same, through the effect greenhouse, that increases the accumulation of harmful gasespoluentes to the health that if they propagate in air that we breathe. Thus, estamospropensos, obligatorily, to inalar toxins that cause many doenasrespiratrias. Another factor that will go to increase the number of deaths will be the altastemperaturas, mainly in the countries of the North, developing the cancer depele and cataract..