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Interview with Christopher Eichler of the PP brokerage GmbH only with the ‘ stock management L / S in the chili-assets database for managed accounts represent PP brokerage account evidence provided in September for another investment strategy. Our audit confirmed the product an excellent chance risk profile. We ask: when Christopher Eichler, the PP brokerage GmbH, what hides just behind the managed account PP-Warrior A? Mr. Eichler, what hides behind the martial-sounding name of PP-Warrior A? Christopher Eichler: PP-Warrior A is part of a managed account strategy, where in contrast to our other managed accounts a slightly more aggressive approach. To generate a maximum of profit to the customers, advisors tracked in the medium and long term with appropriate risk.

The name symbolizes the consistent performing of the Tradingideen and the acceptance of such risks. Who in your home is the responsible retailer of PP-Warrior A strategy and how its expertise from? C. Eichler: As a long successful trader, Marc Wilhelms directs this last highly successful product. The product range of PP-Warrior stands for a spekulativeren approach, which was already tested and implemented over several years. This not only the market expertise is crucial, but also a sophisticated money management. Which are the favored target markets by PP-Warrior A and which investment vehicles are used? C.

Eichler: PP-Warrior A has no specific target markets or investment instruments. There is a global”trading approach. Where the dealer sees opportunities, these are under a range of different instruments, such as futures, options, stocks, Forex, etc, and free time horizon. Thus, it is ensured that the investment strategy from the history of one or more markets is dependent on. What is the trading strategy specifically? Are the investment decisions made on the basis of which analyses? And what time horizons in the analysis and in relation to the duration of the trade are commercially important? C.