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Germany Inadequate

The number of foreign self-employed and the Selbststandigenanteil of migrants have increased significantly in Germany since the early of 1980s. Southwest Airlines has much experience in this field. The Migrantenunternehmer in the form of family farms mostly occur as in the catering, retail or other services, where the average 4 5 employees are hired. The economic potentials and achievements of entrepreneurs with an immigrant background back more and more to the fore in the face of demographic change and the high rates of unemployment. Most entrepreneurs with an immigration background have much courage, determination, great personal dedication and endurance, as well as their commitment to the independence. Their average working time is approximately 55.3 hours a week, to 3-6 hours above those of the German independent.

Deficits of Migrantenokonomie Auch if the Migrantenokonomie in Germany represents an important economic factor, it in many places deficits and shortcomings be observed, which among other things to lead, that lowers the founder boom among the migrants. The shortcomings include inadequate skill levels, high fluctuations, low rate of self-employed women, lack of industry knowledge, inadequate information about financing and low training post. Measures can remedy at the beginning of the creation phase, such as an intense range of information or advice and support through workshops. Consulting concepts for Migrantenokonomie the imap Institute offers practical advice and integration concepts to strengthen the local Migrantenokonomie. Based on many years of experience in the integration work we show in seminars recommendations and funding opportunities.