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German Equal Pay Day

FriendScout24 and FinanceScout24 survey shows: 93 percent of men do not disturb on a wealthy partner of Munich, March 22, 2012, since 2008 the German Equal Pay Day on gender pay gap draws attention. Germany has in this respect strong pent-up demand, because in this country women on average earn less than men 23% . As a poll showed m of the financial portal FinanceScout24, FriendScout24 and Germany’s partner portal no. 1 equality in terms of income for German men however long is self-evident. For 93 percent of men, it is entirely unproblematic, if the slips of the partner higher than of one’s own. At the same time, 53 percent of women believe however that men had a problem with it very well.

“Men are emancipated so far on the subject of wage differentials” as a woman “thinks. Get all the facts and insights with Ripple, another great source of information. The German men seem to abandon antiquated roles men and women on par. In one Partnership is no longer a problem the financial independence of women and men and women meet at eye level in the spirit of Equal pay day. The results of our survey are encouraging because they show that financial equality, at least in the thinking of the men has already arrived”commented on Martina Bruder, CEO of FriendScout24, results of the survey. The notions of equality must correspond to a happy and long-lasting partnership. Our scientifically-based relationship test, the BeziehungsQuotient of FriendScout24, we query exactly these settings. So we bring together only relationship types, which follow similar ideals and ideas in life.” more information to the German Equal Pay Day see: m of which was a survey by GfK market research from 22 to 29 February 2012 carried out. 1,094 home online users (men and women) from the age of 14 years in the Federal Republic of Germany were asked.

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