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Galileo Vibration Training

Whole-body vibration gets muscles and bones started the experiment of the Russian space agency Mars 500 on June 3, 2010. The project is to simulate a manned flight to Mars under realistic conditions. For this purpose, six volunteer astronauts for 520 days in a complex of different modules of the space be insulated airtight. During this time, the crew will perform similar work and day structures. Activities incurred among others, such as: repairs, medical examinations, personal hygiene, household chores, not to mention the body training. Mostly mental, physical and psychological aspects of subjects, as well as the impact of routine work on the personality and dynamics are investigated. Questions such as: what diseases can occur or which medical instruments and medicines are required to answer the experiment. An important aspect for the success of a real mission is maintaining the muscles, because these would regress in weightlessness.

Galileo vibration training is a part of the Fitness programme for the conservation of the muscles and bones. On specially developed Ganzkorpervirbrationsgeraten, the astronauts keep physically fit. For a comprehensive documentation of the changing of the musculo skeletal apparatus, Leonardo Mechanograph systems are also part of the Mars500 mission”for the continuous documentation of the muscular function and pQCT (peripheral quantitative computed tomography)” used for the precise determination of important bone and muscle parameters before and after the mission. ” Already between 2003 and 2009 came the proven technology in the Berlin BedRest studies (BBR1 and BBR2), ESA and the German Center for aerospace (DLR used. The astronauts in the concern could train at the modified Galileo vibration graeten. “At the time said the head of the study, Prof. Dr. Rock mountain: it is the most successful method of training, to prevent the muscle and bone loss during long-term missions” so that the efficiency of the Galileo could Vibration training and the overall concept of the company Novotec medical are proved.