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Future Market SMEs Financing

Positive mood, still credit crunch; “SAM Management AG/SAM AG offers alternatives to bank financing the current funding situation is overall pleasing”, so the Chamber of Commerce – CEO Professor Dr. Hans-Jorg Schmidt-Trenz to the result of the Hamburg-based credit barometer Q4 2010. And in fact, while the German economy starts again as a whole, the financial situation of many companies to improve appears to be. Too rosy, we would want to not describe because but but the situation”, says Michael Hollenbach, Director of the Swiss SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). His company, the SAM, specializes on the financing of projects which are economically particularly promising. And that many simply by the rust fall classic Bank inspections”, as SAM AG Director. While Germany put banks in addition to the classic loan financing on alternative”way: the most recent example is the establishment of a Fund for SMEs.

At the urging of Federal Government Germany’s bankers had decided recently to its introduction, in order to counter the obvious credit crunch. First, the Deutsche Bank with signal effect was active. This was followed by the Commerzbank in association with the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW). Deutsche Bank wants to make available EUR 300 million, 10 per cent thereof are so far obtained. In the meantime, went 200 million from Commerzbank and KfW of the provided yet not a single euro to promoting enterprise.

With a total of three transactions, count on the management of the Commerzbank Fund this year, writes the financial times and concludes that the financing needs of SMEs was probably not so great. This may have also other reasons”, SAM Management Group believes AG Director Hollenbach. After all, Commerzbank would be and a drop on the hot stone was alone for this commitment over 180 requests from only three of them to realize KfW. Also, the focus would be always in growth financing existing large companies and smaller not in promoting innovation. The SAM Management Group AG believes therefore a company and unternehmernahere implementation of financing urgently. Who alone knows the regulatory requirements of examination by the banks, this is can’t be beat on bureaucracy often, and rarely match the typical sequence and thus financing needs in a company”, so SAM AG Director. Since it may help but that the equity ratio of the German middle class has grown steadily in recent years, which facilitates the financing especially for young companies and for innovative projects remains the offer but still subdued. We examine the economic opportunities of the business concept within the framework of a comprehensive due diligence, evaluate but also the performance of management itself from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”, Hansen added. Perhaps this is part of the special feature of Swiss experts of SAM Management Group AG from. For more information,