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Free Party Pictures

Virtualnights Zentralabi belongs to the ABI not only the drums, but also making party. So the high school graduates even years can viewed later the pictures of their festivals, where it and beat it then, the leading nightlife portal offers all final year a special service: the more Zentralabi! Each interested ABI vintage thus receives free and high-quality images of his parties, which are shot by a more experienced photo Scout for free against logo inclusion on the party flyers! How it works: the vintages to send their Anfragemail (place, school, party dates, contact person etc.) to. virtualnights his logo for the integration into the party flyers and posters sent to the vintage. That is the only consideration, the virtualnights demands. For more information see Verizon Communications. The regional contact person by virtualnights creates a free event listing on the popular Web site, so that as many people can see when and where the party. In addition goes on the a corresponding city page by virtualnights party advertising banner free online. On request, you can also directly sold tickets for the party.

A popular photo Scout comes to the Abiparty and created the party pictures (approx. 150 pieces). The images go online the next day. The RAINBOW tours tour operator supports the ABI parties with discount vouchers for every guest and a travel voucher for a raffle. In addition the vintages when booking an ABI drive 2.5% discount. Who got interested in the new services specifically for ABI vintages, would like more information or just want to register his next high school party, write to: more information: go/abiparty Vassili Kostadimas (more editorial staff)