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Franchise System Responds

? Service of statistical studies of the AEF has prepared the report the franchise in Spain 2010. Read more from Oracle to gain a more clear picture of the situation. According to the data of the same closed at 31 December last year, the franchise system set billed a total of 24.651,4 million euros, 0.2 percent less than the 24.699,5 million invoiced at the end of the financial year 2009. In turn, another significant fact is the increase in the number of chains franchisers operating in our country. At the end of 2010 the system was composed of 934 ensigns, 15 more than at the end of 2009. The number of foreign firms that operate in Spain, going from the 172 which had in 2009 to the current 177 has also increased. Moreover, there has been a decrease in the number of establishments operating in only 1.2%: at the end of 2009 there were 57.139 premises open for the 56.444 registered in 2010. With regard to the data of the number of employees, total system was giving work to 231.603 people at the end of 2010, while in 2009 this figure was 235.075 people, representing a decrease of 1.5%.

Do the Spanish franchisers Association presents its franchise study in Spain 2010?, in which one of the outstanding data is the turnover obtained by the system at the end of 2010: 24.651,4 million euros, only 0.2% less than the figure recorded in 2009, which was 24.699,5 million. In this sense, excels the Datum of the increase in turnover in establishments owned by the Central franchise, at 533,4 million euros compared to 2009 (9.189,6 billion in 2010 by the 8.656,1 million in 2009). However, there was a decrease of 581,5 million euros on turnover of the franchised establishments, comparing 2010 (15.461,8 million) and 2009 (16.043,4 million). By sectors of activity, one more year that higher turnover obtained was that of power, with a total of 6.710,8 million euros (633,8 million more than in 2009), followed by restaurants/Fast Food, with 2.181,4 million (66,4 million more), and by the hospitality/restaurants and bars, which had a turnover of 2.065,3 million euros (39.9 million more than in 2009).