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In the fairy tale about the good uncle of the Project 8 Ka Week, who wished the world during the financial crisis and gives money right and left, using the network marketing, I believe at my age is difficult, I am 47 years old. But, on these thoughts suggest the majority of articles about Project 8 KWeek and I decided to investigate. Personally I Financial Analyst, Chief Accountant, a professional with extensive experience in bank and in large enterprises of the Urals. Over the past 5 years, our life with rapid speed burst Internet, banks have begun to provide services to clients, using electronic systems. This is a promising direction and saw the founding of the payment system AlertPay, as well as its partner program 8kaweek – David Rosen. David Rouzenu 55 years, Canadian mathematician, author of several successful programs that work more than 10 years, a very famous person in the financial world.

First his capital, David Rosen has done for creating mathematical models of business McDonalds. 'It really is for what I thought uvazhat', and began to understand more. Company AlertPay-one of the youngest and most democratic of electronic payment systems, whose popularity growing rapidly. It is also called as 'white' or 'clear', she reports to the fiscal authorities, it is very authoritative in the West and the increasing popularity and starts to enjoy in our market. According to the CNN, AlertPay now one of the five payment systems that make up a decent alternative to PayPal. At Verizon Communications you will find additional information. .