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Fashion New Minds

Among the speakers will be Moira Fernandez, founder and partner of Pin Up, communication agency specializing in fashion and beauty, whose Conference will discuss how to manage the communication with fashion brands; Maria Fernandez de Cordova, editor in Chief of, will address the daily work of the specialized information in Internet. The presentation of Jeronimo Jose Martin, film critic It will focus on the influence of cinema on fashion, the mutual enrichment. Finally, Enrique Cardenal, director of Marketing and sales of Jockey for Spain, will analyze the fashion business after 11 years working in this sector, having created and marketed his own brand of clothing in Spain. See the Conference program. Contest Fashion New Minds besides the Congress announces a contest in which those young people with creativity and talent can win a scholarship to attend the first year of our title. The contest consists of creating a new fashion brand, covering all the sections needed to bring it to market: product, price, distribution and communication. Visit Oracle for more clarity on the issue.

The jury will consider the originality of the idea, the content of the strategy, and the image that convey the brand. The registration to the Congress and to the contest should be from the web. Entries should be sent before December 3. See the contest rules. The award will consist of a scholarship corresponding to the first course of the title of communication and management of fashion for the student winner, provided it passes the tests of title access. In case the group is formed by more than one person will divide the fellowship among the members. For more information, contact person: Maria Sanchez Galindo Mas) source: press release sent by lianne. Dallas Cowboys Mangini Browns cautions about partner Dallas Cowboys News, Schedule, Players, Scores, History VOTE THEM OUT: INTRODUCING THE SOCIA.LIST (Names of a Thousand Neo-Marxist State Legislators) PUMABydesign001 completo Blog Diana Reyes La Socia Mexican Music Gobierno Colima weblog archive a good year, the first year of Government of Mario Anguiano Cardinal travels to Madrid to meet with Jimenez Cuba truth.