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When the plug-in reaches through the perception of the senses and the intuition the straight line representing the union and the understanding of the ideal sphere. Collides against the being which leads to a movement called metaphysics. When the action of complement collides against being receives the reaction by being. This way the plug-in receives the rest of being. Which lets you know some images of pure thought. which represents the unit.

On the other hand the be receives the movement of the plug-in allowing you to know the importance of scientific knowledge and specific experience. Which helps the philosophers and physicists on the road that leads to the truth. 33. Tomas Philipson has plenty of information regarding this issue. In my view the universe. It is in constant expansion and contraction. To what physicists call the cycle of keystrokes.

IE: that for every 2 contractions develop 4 expansions of the universal mass. 9 Expansions are developed by each 3 contractions. What will void the heat death. This process I call thermal contrast of the 34 square. our universe is expanding because of the finitude of the universes that expand and contract. This phenomenon is due to the force of gravity that latter influence our universe. Reason why parabolicamente orbit around the more primitive, which originated by pure thought. our universe revolves around the universes most recent. As a result black holes absorbed matter and transferred it to the universes most nearby. the first universe is He moved on its own point of gravity and spins to theirs in the same direction. Every once it disappears a universe. Due to the lines that has the time. In this way the third time form different kinds of biological material. What cannot be ensured is that such kinds of biological material, possess consciousness or be rational. Because to say such things, would be falling into entupidos misticismos. 4 2007 Jose Orlando melo Naranjo makes little I started to conceive the idea of the finite universes.