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Interview with the owner of dating! Mr Poltl, why should a single on register and not at other single exchanges such as match, love or websingle? Due to our many years of experience with single stock exchanges, it succeeded to develop a single stock exchange, which has the simple goal, to bring people together for direct towards. Of course, other single exchanges offer a very wide range of different services, it was important, however, to make the people in the foreground for us. What special services offers the single exchanges their members? Most important is the communication among the members. This is possible on in the most diverse areas. In addition to the direct contact by E-Mail, there is also a large number of greeting cards. There is also the possibility to send simple greetings. As of November 2009, it will be also possible to communicate via PAIRmessage on The single Exchange could in the first 2 years of their Constantly increasing number of members.

What do you attribute this back? We see this as proof that the offered product is very well received by the users. For us, it is also important to get a constant feedback to respond even better to the wishes of the members of our members. How exactly does it work to pair message? PAIRmessage allows members to communicate indirectly and to share their thoughts with each other. These messages are 150 characters per message are exactly limited many people still believe, that single stock exchanges work not seriously. How would you convince these people that this is not true? Unfortunately there are black sheep in any industry. Therefore, it is a big concern, to check each profile on its authenticity and to stifle any Unseriositaten already in the bud.

Rogue profiles be locked immediately. Since when is there Our single market there since January 2008. The focus of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. From 2010 is there an English version, to reach more people. How you learned about actually her partner? Did you meet your partner on the Internet or in another way? I met my partner about friends. But in my circle of friends, there are some couples who are met through a dating or community. Which target group has the single market The target audience extends from 16 to 80 years. Of course, but also older people with us are welcome. Thank you for the interview.