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Exact time in Ankara. Turkey, Ankara current time, daylight savings and time difference with GMT. … The current time in Ankara (Ankara), Turkey (Turkey) … According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions.
Turkish brag ‘by street vendors in Bucharest, 1880
Boza’s origins date back to the people who formerly lived in the regions of Anatolia and Mesopotamia. The formula was taken from his recipe for the Ottomans and subsequently released through the territories conquered by them. History, the Greek Xenophon made inquiries about what was mentioning that he drank in eastern Anatolia in the year 401 a. C., and which was stored in earthenware jars that were buried under the soil. This local specialty is maintained in the region of Anatolia until the arrival of the Turks, who were the ones who took the drink and gave him the name of Boza, a word derived from the Persian meaning Buze millet. The Boza had its golden moments during the course of the Ottoman Empire and this drink one of the most significant trade between cities and states. Consumption Boza was free until the arrival of the sixteenth century, but the preparation of the drink called Boza Tartar that opium was diluted with the authorities ban the drink, the Sultan Selim II (1566-1574).
In the seventeenth century Sultan Mehmed IV (1648-1687) prohibited alcoholic drinks, which we found in this category Boza, closing all stores that sold it. The seventeenth century Turkish traveler Evliya CELEBI mentions in his diary that Boza was a drink very popular in their time and that there were more than 300 stores employing Boza nearly 1005 people in Istanbul alone. Also describes a type of non-alcoholic beverage and slightly sweet like the milky color and Boza was consumed largely by Albanians. At that time, was considered a typical drink of soldiers, because they do not have a big alcohol content, the Boza can drink without drunk in large quantities, and also provides some euphoria of strength due to their nutritional content. As Evliya tells CELEBI processors Boza eranmuy numerous in the army. Boza drink was allowed in the military environments.
In the nineteenth century the Albanian Boza was the most preferred within the Ottoman Empire because it was sweeter and was made without alcohol content, while the Armenians produced by Boza was slightly acid and was losing popularity.