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Evaluates Segmentation

Before exactly that a company can effectively commercialize the products of them with the consumers, it must understand fully what you want and need that definitive product. However, what it is desired of a product is not the same for all in a market, therefore, real differences between the preferences of products exist. Therefore, the companies must be intent to these details of the differences of desires. After identified potential segments of market, these would have to be analyzed. Diverse forms exist of segmentation, but nor all are effective. The segments need to be: Measurable? It tends to be possible to measure the size, power of purchase, and other characteristics of the segments. The preferences of differences for the products must be identifiable and capable to be measurable.

Substantial – the segments are enough great and/or lucrative Accessible – the segments can be reached and be served with directed programs; You differentiated – the segments are conceptually distinct and differently answer the diverse programs and elements of marketing-mix. Clear differences in the preferences of the consumer for the product must exist. You set in motion – efficient programs can be formulated to attract and to serve the segments. The process to select, to segment, to analyze and to sketch a profile of a potential market for better atingiz it with a made up of customizado marketing is the process of election of the white market. (Penny M. Simpsom, 2001). The process is composed for eight tasks that are interrelated. Below it follows the eight tasks: 1) It identifies the total market; 2) It determines the segmentation necessity; 3) It determines the bases of the segmentation; 4) It traces the profile of each selected segment; 5) It evaluates the potential profitability of each segment and selects segments to direct itself; 6) It selects the positioning strategy; 7) It develops and it implements a made up of adequate marketing; e, 8) Monitors, Evaluates and Has controlled.