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European Central Bank

The European central bank is the power station of the European finances, this is established due to the creation of the European unique currency, the Euro and the European Union of nations (the EU). The European central bank is located in Frankfurt of meno, Germany, from where it has catalogued like the main symbol and axis of the correct operation of eurosistema of finances. The European central bank begins its development or planning from year 1996 where the creation of a bank seted out to the European policy common from where the finances were controlled that included the free interaction of the European countries, nevertheless the institution of this bank did not occur but to the 1 of June of 1998 where by unanimous voting it remembered that it soothes of this serious city of Frankfurt, Germany. The first great action of the European central bank was the institution of the multinational currency Euro, this from the 1 of January of 1999, where to the aim after a great amount of debates and implantation of new financial policies, countries like Portugal, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Austria, among others, unanimously decided to accept this currency and to his they proposed that the controladora creation and analyst of the European central bank (BCE) would be formed by a representative of each one of the countries allied in this process. A point very important to touch when we spoke of the European central bank is the functions for which this it was devised, within which stand out some like: Mantener the spending power of the unique currency in the 15 countries that include/understand the acceptance of the Euro like unique currency. Controlar the monetary supply and the evolution of the prices in Europe. Must be made responsible execute the political, monetary and economic action in all the countries of the European Union. .