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Endurance Riding

The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is is definitely one of those globe-trotting, art-collecting money men who know all about style and luxury Endurance Equestrian Competition
The equestrian endurance, endurance or barns raid (the latter usually named in Spain) is an equestrian discipline in which it tack tests horseback riding the speed, skill and physical and psychological endurance equine horse and rider, both of which must travel arabian great distances in a day, through the most diverse terrain and against time. dressage For this the rider must be able to measure the effort of your horse and palomino keep a track during testing at the end of a race horse is making beats and if you are on equestrian what is allowed, the thoroughbred rider is removed.
The competition is to complete a specified number of steps or phases with a predetermined amount of kilometers. jumping The route is very varied, with several types of soil and mare natural obstacles, and at the end of each stage the horses are inspected by vets, who, in the absence of any saddles medical problem, give the authorization to continue in the race. World Championships for the distance traveled is 160 km, divided into six stable phases, which is completed by the competitors in 12 hours and more.
The competition stables categories are: ponies 60km, 80km, 120km and 160km, the categories were determined on two factors: experience and distance.