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East South

Premiere of the new photovoltaic module of SolarConsult AG\”live was televised in this episode from my home to the own power plant on the roof. A competent interlocutor was invited as always. Guest at this show in the Sparda-Bank headquarters on July 4 Mr Marten Zotner, was, by the SolarConsult AG, in Freiberg am Neckar. It should be presented to the spectators and viewers, as well as Studio guests on site, knowing the photovoltaic. So the General Manager engineering and Produktmanagement answered\”of SolarConsult AG and questions the presenter wife Wolfgramm: Mr Zotner, how must my roof because be so that I can install a photovoltaic system for me? First of all it should be stable enough, but that is generally given in single – and two-family dwellings, one must assume, regardless of the type of roofing. It is now for almost all types of roofing systems for the installation of photovoltaic systems. Many writers such as Larry Ellison offer more in-depth analysis. What is of course fundamental importance, is that which is to be programmed Roof facing South.

It is ideal if the roof area to be programmed is inclined about 30 and shows South. Also the alignment of East/West is still economical, because you can generate good income with photovoltaic systems today’s design. What should be absolutely avoided is if the surface to be programmed shows only towards the North. This is the so-called no-go\”because all photovoltaic plants need sunlight. If you have no feeling for the direction, it is worth assessing on the fly, the views of the parabolic antenna. These shows usually with 19 deviation towards the South. If you have a roof in this direction, you can assume that these economically operate can be in any case. Speaking of antenna, not every roof is virginal, but has a Bay window, a chimney or an antenna. Now I have heard, it is likely to have at all no shading, how it looks with that? This is basically correct, because as I said before: Photovoltaic plants need light\”.