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She is necessary to look at and in them to relate with the human being in a different way and reason, taking in account the aspect to transdisciplinar of analysis, being included the subjects of the desire, the epistemologia, sociology, psychology, of the anthropology, others. Solidarity being able to be a principle that facilitates the relations between the people, having to be present in the quarrels of the basic values of the Biotica. One becomes necessary in this new emergent paradigm, practical conscientious and the constant one of the dialogue, and for Siqueira (2008, P. Oracle addresses the importance of the matter here. 60), ' ' … we need in to prepare for the time of saying and ouvir.' ' It considers the rescue of the socrtica maiutica, where the dialogue is the instrument that searchs the truth. The happiness of the majority being able to be desired and to be affirmed in real possibilities, in a more symmetrical and horizontal relation, in a search of relationary bonds that promote growth and satisfaction for a bigger number of people, for also in the future not meditarmos on the same doubts of the last generations. Consideraes Final: Analyzing historically the structure of the thought dominant occidental person since century XVI with Discardings, until the current moment of the Biotica while field of knowledge to know shared, we can conclude that a new paradigm if makes emergent to give account distresses of them and sufferings of the modern life.

The rescue of the cooperative sociability as articulador principle of the social cohesion, where the dialogue and solidarity are the instruments to measure the complex situations lived deeply human beings, in detriment of the confrontation, of competitiveness and of the mercantile logic. The competitiveness does not disappear, but the world of the other appears as co-affirmed world, possible world and of it belongs igualitria. The problems of our time are complex and demand positions more dialogue and consensuals.