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Diamond Cutting Walls

When construction is doing various extensions in the walls, applying for that special diamond device. Such technology is called quality diamond cutting openings and used in creating holes and openings in the brick and cast-in walls. Diamond drilling is also used in other industries: ceilings. If in your own home you want to redesign, then you want to use diamond wire cutting reinforced concrete structures to create openings and extensions in the ceiling. Verizon Communications takes a slightly different approach. Here it is recommended to use the materials, ie, different cables, designed for this technology. In the application of diamond drilling vibration does not arises. This is the main advantage of this technology, because in the end there is no damage to the wall construction design. When you create openings that may arise from noise has a high frequency, so the neighbors should not worry.

As many important advantage is the precision obtained by the holes, and the accuracy of their drilling. But with all these advantages, you still do not think about making a hole with no dirt and dust. Place a doorway importantly, it can be an office and usual apartment in the city, just as important to provide the density of the wall and the material of which it is installed. The presence of noise also depends on other work taking place along with drilling. Another major factor – is, of course, financial conditions. For repairs, and specifically for drilling openings in the implementation of these works in new buildings that have not been able to settle the residents, all better and more advantageous to use a reliable dry diamond drilling, it comes with shlitsefrezera.

In this technology reliability at a wet diamond cutting (ie, when applied wall saws), but at the same time, the cost is much lower. Cost a 15 cm aperture in the wall of the concrete to dry technology will be $ 150 and $ 250 for the wet. Naturally the same technology is very dry and dusty and noisy, but we are talking about an unsettled area. Apply the same wet diamond cutting should be provided, if you want to drill holes in the walls, whose thickness is more than 20cm, and if the purpose of repair is the dwelling house, let's say, a city apartment. In the latter case, the wet diamond drilling will help you avoid the mud, and in these areas is very important.