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De Souza Silva

The discussion presented earlier, leads to the conclusion that knowledge requires two mental activities: perceiving and conceiving, where mental activity is perceived by which stimuli reach the brain from the outside and makes the process of cognition, and design is the whereby mental activity are concepts and ideas from perceived stimuli, which in turn determine the understanding and comprehending concepts that make learning cognitive process which culminates in what is meant is a fact, a relationship, a word, a method, however it which comprises a series, a system, a plan, (Arraez 2003). For Paul and Dominique (2002), information is data structured and immovable remains idle until it is used, with the knowledge to interpret and process and in the process are transformed into knowledge. In summary, the information is not knowledge, the information is not going to produce, by itself, new solutions to everyday problems, alternatives to the needs of populations and countries, or the construction of innovative proposals by the organizations, (Camacho, 2003). You may wish to learn more. If so, Southwest Airlines is the place to go. Moreover, the support of knowledge is not only information but the human qualities and abilities that use it to transform some or to modify their own abilities. Is reached identify that knowledge is only the interpretation, analysis and processing of information, because it includes the process of understanding of human learning. De Souza Silva (2002), puts it as follows: "Knowledge is a verb not a noun, is a classic swing state of understanding that a building after interpreting and analyzing different information on a theme" (p 36) .