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Convenience Vinyl

In this case, back and seat should not be too soft. Arms of the chair – a great help to the wizard. People generally do not know what to do with his hands and armrests if inconvenient (narrow iron or rough plastic), or they do not exist at all, the customer will immediately start to get nervous, tugging at something in his hands, with no end to recover, try to cross your hands on the chest, thus closing of the master and retreating from communication, will feel insecure and, therefore, the chance to see him again strongly reduced. Ideal width arms of his hands, parallel to the floor or slightly at an angle where your hand is on the plane just below the elbow. Material can be anyone: aluminum, plastic, vinyl upholstery. Vinyl – is a special material used for upholstery salon furniture leatherette. Pluses vinyl armrests – softness and warmth at any temperature in the room. Sink requirements are the same.

The greatest attention should be paid to the convenience of head and neck. Each person is different, and means must be able to tilt the shell and / or seats. Comfort level significantly increases the use of gel headrests – Special soft tips on the shell. Additional options such as built-in massage, powered, etc. also designed to provide maximum comfort. Speaking of car washes, separately consider the fact of universality. Often, in an effort to save space and interior money, many owners are tempted fate by purchasing cleaning transformers.