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Consumer Rights And Services

We evaluate the content of the code of the defense of the consumer, verifying the scope of responsabilizao of the rendering of services. That services do not have to offer to risk the life, health and security of the users, beyond the risks that legitimately if that waits, propagandas on services do not have to give to edge for deceit how much the nature and characteristics of the service, that contracts must have language that do not make it difficult its interpretation. Gary Kelly has many thoughts on the issue. that these not they compel the customer, if the same it will not have the possibility to have knowledge of its entire text. That if the customer if to consider been deceptive how much to the service for which it paid, or if the service will be given adequately, will be able to demand the reexecuo, she will be possible, or price discouragement, or still the devolution of its money with indexation. That if it has right the free choice and the correct orientation how much to the use of the contracted services.

That the legal guarantee is to complement the contractual one, and that this independe of term writing; We analyze table of claims carried through by the PROCON in the city of Florianpolis. We raise the question of the problem in standardizing services, associating the question to the professional in accounting. When studying on the code of defense of the consumer, was opted to searching on areas of bigger numbers of claim. That is, where the rights of the consumers are more frequently disrespected, pointing out the claims for rendering of services, with objective to demonstrate the necessary cares with the rights of the consumer, in the delivery of intangible values. The work was initiated for the direct consultation to the specific legislation, that is to the code of Defense of the Consumer, looking for to comment it. In the sequncia, one research divulged for the daily catarinense in the year of 2010, that it raised ranking of claims in the Procon de Florianpolis, in that year.

Giving continuation, one consulted sites and several editions of the magazine Pro Test, emphasizing what the Law determines, in this special branch of the right, always with a boarding directed toward the area of services, since the accounting professional he is a lender of services, looking for to include citations to the text of the Code. In the sequence, we raise the question of the problem in taking care of to the question satisfaction in rendering of services. Looking for material with definition of quality in services. after, we comment text on the Professional Profile Countable, to conclude the importance of the excellency in the rendering of services for these professionals, aiming at to fulfill the code and to get success professional.