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With this the media has the power to filter and to mold daily realities, so great its influence. One to be able that exactly feared to inside have to be studied and situated of a context of changes and of a new dynamics of the time that the globalization has in the placed one. The media has an important mediating paper, through the ressignificao of information in great small scale. The media is articuladora of the memory, thus constructing referenciais public of a past that also is public, making as soon as processes that exactly individual assume bigger ratios through the resource of spreading of the media. If before the media was placed as dominated object and, today it is dominadora, of intentions, wills and perceptions. Modernity, understood here as all the historical process after average age (GIDDENS, 2002), imposes new values that inside place the media in a determinative paper of the construction of a new society. As some costumam to affirm one room to be able, surpassing the reality and the Legislative, Executive fields of activity of and the Judiciary one, intervined in the decisions as the power Moderator of the Constitution of 1824.

Focusing more question of the television Straw (2006), understands the media as a global and producing movement of culture and is merchandise. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. The salient author despite the historians still walk the slow steps in the perspective to understand the media as study object. Being merchandise of manipulation of the economic field Bourdieu (1997) she detaches that the television in specific suffers an invisible censorship, pautando the speeches and thus serving the television as instrument of maintenance of the symbolic order, that violent the perception of the receivers of the information and the proper journalists who if see debtors to reproduce a structural corruption. The television creates an election of information that they differ what it is journalistic fact of what is historical fact, therefore the clippings, of the journalistic field define what is excellent and what is not excellent, giving special attention to the spectacle, to the sensational one, discarding the sequence of the information or the continuity. .