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Competitive Advantages

Intellectual capital? The competitive advantages of this intangible asset Luciano Vitor Segatto So Paulo University – UNIP, So Paulo, SP. Summary In an environment of intense competitiveness, the necessary staff of marketing of much creativity to work a product, in way to take it the consumers and to locate anticipating it the competition. In the companies who apiam the management of the knowledge, the Intellectual Capital has fort influence in the elaboration of the campaigns of Marketing, creating new strategies product to enter it in the marked one and to conquer the consumer. In this article to the diverse ideas and positionings of consecrated authors will be shown, in the attempt to provoke a reflection on this important subject, that nor always is remembered by the organizations. The article is composed in five parts: final introduction, development with theoretical basement, consideraes, bibliographical suggestions for future studies and references. Word-key Marketing; Intellectual capital; Strategy. Introduction Currently, with the wild advance of the technology and the results of the globalization process, the information is a crucial item in the formularization and implementation of a successful strategy of marketing. One of the great challenges for the marketing professionals is to make use of information with precision and to discover new latent markets, that is, a segment discovered, whose demand can be materialize will have placed for sale an adjusted product, therefore in a market of this type the demand is not zero before offers of the product, what it becomes basic the marketing professional to understand until point the competition takes care of the necessities of the consumers. It is perceived that this new reality comes demanding changes of paradigms and concepts in all the marketing areas and the companies search, with this, to adapt its flows of information traditionally, increasing the degree of envolvement of the department of marketing in activities associates to other functional areas.