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Colonial System

With this measure, it was effected implementation of the colonial system of mercantilista orientation. Through this intervention, the administrative organization was produced in Brazil, with demands of investments capable to foment the base of a company essentially agriculturist, directed to take care of to the necessities of this type of exploration with sights to the accumulation of wealth and it fast profit. The functioning of this connotation politics present absolutist in the Europe was characterized by the total concentration of being able in the hand of the king. In the colony, the king was represented for employee metropolitans who received plenary powers to act interests of the Portuguese metropolis according to.

This transference of being able resulted in the concentration of wealth at the hands of the land proprietors, who also developed exploration of the work (mainly, of the obligatory form of slavery). By these measures, the existence of the unproductive large state in this historical context and of other natural wealth in the agricultural production on a large scale destined to the external market was allowed. The assembly of this structure made to appear an aristocratic ruling class that the administration dominated Brazilian. The society formed in this constitution presented some specific aspects in some regions. However, the predominant factor was the patriarcalismo, where the family and the people who lived in lands of a proprietor were ownerships you of the device. As salient Freire (2004): The African influence boiling under the European and giving an Acre to the life, sexual, to the feeding, the religion; the blood of the black running for a brancarana population, when not predominating in regions; Still today of dark people; the air of Africa, a hot, oily air, amolecendo in the institutions and the forms of culture.