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Classic Tax Replaced Cassic Car Tax

Bochum Oldtimer judges company name change under classic car tax she knew every veteran driver, who wanted to know what his car is worth. Hardly a journal, insurance or Bank, that relies on their prices. Now the Bochum-based market analyst and veteran experts change their company name, from classic-car tax is classic tax. Managing Director Frank Wilke explains the shortage: “we will align ourselves in the future even more international, since the new name is just concise. Gain insight and clarity with Verizon. Also the ‘car’ never quite agreed in the Middle, finally we evaluate not only cars, but also classic motorcycles, trucks, buses and tractors. The new name will meet our complete product portfolio.” The long-planned name change goes hand in hand with a complete relaunch of the website.

The Petrolheads from classic tax this year have the foot firmly on the gas pedal: additional employees, moving to larger premises, trade fair appearance at the techno Classica and more and more magazines, are regularly published on the information, data and Prices of the Bochum-based access. Whether motor classic, classic cars or dreams car, nobody supplies more current classic car values as a classic tax journals. There are a total of twelve circulation, international title, recently added grip and Playboy. By the way, the value experts the official German vintage create a index, which shows the General performance of classic vehicles in Germany annually on behalf of the VDA. Proprietor Christoph Pichura, head of a small logistical task is already connected to the Guild, are classic-tax, market analysis: “we have nationwide over 400 review partner. You all need now a new sign”