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Cellulite: Myths And Truth

What causes cellulite? How do we get? How to completely get rid of it? This – the issues that women face at some point in their lives, unless of course they are not fortunate to be among those who delivered this problem by nature. To find ways to get rid of cellulite, we must first consider some common myths. Cellulite – is the same as the fat is probably the most common misleading. And while cellulite – also a kind of fat, it is very different from the normal fat that makes our skin look covered the ripples. Skinny people do not suffer from cellulite Unfortunately, it is not. Of course, those who overweight are more susceptible to cellulite, but this problem can affect even the most healthy and thin people. The examples are not far to seek – graciously showed recent press headlines cellulite on legs Some well-known models.

Men are not affected by cellulite is not true, some people are. Women, of course, more prone to cellulite because of the structure of connective tissue, but men can also get cellulite especially if they quickly recovered, or lost weight. Diet and exercise can remove cellulite Well, yes and no. Dieting may even exacerbate the problem, especially when we are trying to lose weight too quickly. For cellulite deposits fat under the skin, and it is very difficult to remove them with training.

However, doing training, we can improve our appearance and camouflage the appearance of cellulite. More healthy diet can also stop the development of our problems, especially if it contains large amounts of antioxidants. Creams and liposuction – that's what you can remove cellulite Liposuction – emergency solution, but in the fight against cellulite women are and no such a thing. True, liposuction – not ideal, since this type of fat can not be effectively removed. However, there are some very good creams and lotions, which, although not completely remove cellulite, but smooth out the skin and give her the best look. The appearance of cellulite can be reduced, and massage. Cellulite – a fact of life. This little problem in our bodies is natural, and we almost nothing we can do about it.