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Castle Key

Key castles pretty simple outstanding. Suvaldnye castles normally used in safes very difficult hack. In such castles used furrowed key type – therein each pedisulcus corresponds separate suvald Castle, a unique key determined by their different depth. However, there is a need to constantly carry around a key to the safe, which in turn increases the likelihood of loss or theft of keys, and sometimes the removal of impression with him and then making a copy. Also note that the safes with key lock skilled attacker to easily open with master keys. In addition, this method of hacking is done without noise, and the robber gaining time on the selection of master keys. The following items are safe with such locks are two keys, one should always keep to themselves, and the other to hide – he'll need in case of loss of the first instance. Never Keep the second key from the safe in the vault Most key locks are installed in fire safes, whose task is merely the preservation of value in the event of fire.

Code (also called combinational) mechanical locks are opened by a combination of digits. The code lock can be fixed (such locks are cheaper but less secure) or replaceable. Observe the accuracy of the rotating disk: error, even in poldeleniya not give open the safe, have to start all over again. The disadvantage of using the mechanics of the castle is that an attacker who knows the internal structure of the castle, under certain conditions, can pick up the code using phonendoscope. However, the use phonendoscope – fine "art", and not all the attackers, who can use the pick, with sufficient skills. Most of the code used in mechanical locks burglary models. Code (combination) are equipped with electronic door locks, more advanced protection from the selection of the code, they can easily be changed periodically code, as well as provide the ability to connect to the control room safe protection.

However, the combination lock of this type has a significant drawback – they are highly dependent on the energy source. So you have to remember not only code, but also time to change batteries. Electronic locks can be interchangeable with the code and with the constant. Perhaps the only weak spot is the possibility of electronic locks to bring them down to special electrical device. In this case, the lock will not open No one, including the attacker. Ideally, the safe must be combined at least two kinds of locks.