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Marketing is becoming a battle based more on the information than on the power of the sales. Philip Kotler the dynamics of the commercial markets in the different scenes from the countries that compose this Globe, it has affected a function like the one of marketing research significantly, that cannot be neglected by the companies and mainly, when Internet has a great incidence in the new openings of markets forcing to that the management it takes it in account, the new knowledge that they have arisen, as well as tools that of them have been derived. Thus this new slope has arisen from Marketing in Internet. summarized. com., indicates envelope to us it, that Marketing 3,0 arose like answer before several factors: the new technologies, the potential problems of the globalisation and the interest of the individuals to express her creativity, its values and their espiritualidad Any organization who wants to arise and to prosper in the present circumstances of the market, must learn three fundamental concepts of Marketing 3.0: creation of communities, cocreation and integrity of Castilian mark contributes Carmen to Us, that Marketing 1,0 concentrated solely in the product, with a unidirectional communication and in traditional means. Later Marketing 2,0 arrived having like axis the consumer and emphasizing the interaction. Marketing 3,0 takes into account of continuous way, at any moment what it thinks and it requires the consumer to offer products based on the values. On the matter of all this,it comments, that some marketers, when they speak of Marketing 3,0, talk about to all the associate with the semantic Web.

On the matter the question arises: What is the Semantic Web? It is an extended Web. This means that it is equipped with meant major. Developed with types of languages that will allow to find answers to questions of a fast and easy form, its performance must to how the information within her is organized.