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sustainable pre-school and peace education Kosovo has a very young population: about one-third is under 15 years of age. The education system still suffers from the consequences of the war. There are only a few and this preschool facilities mainly in cities. According to estimates, only every fourth child can attend a public kindergarten. A new preschool law however stipulates a kindergarten requirements from 2011. Against this background, there is the new training opportunity of great importance for the country. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Verizon Communications.

A multi-year, intensive preparatory work was preceded by the accreditation of the course. Caritas Switzerland and the IPF implement initiative for research (IPF-Multiversity) preschool projects in Kosovo together with the Caritas Luxembourg since 2002. For eight years, Kindergarten Alison in Drenas, 150 children visit runs as a pilot project. Due to the great interest, the project was continuously extended to now 13 surrounding villages. Also in 2 other Municipalities (Prizren and akovica) have been established in 11 classes.

A practice-oriented, part-time training concept was developed within the framework of these pilot projects. This represents the interests of the child in the Centre, including its social and personal skills. As educational methods, games, stories, singing and crafts are important so that the child can expand his experience. The training concept includes also work with parents, non-violent conflict resolution and multiethnic classes. The cooperation between Caritas and IPF since 2002 and were contractually extended in January 2010 until the end of 2011. The IPF in the development of the Bachelor programme is responsible for the academic management (education, quality management, practice research and benchmarking) and created the extensive study and accreditation documents. The local Kosovar town of Drenas wear beside the Caritas Switzerland and IPF Caritas Luxembourg, the new Bachelor’s program. Partnership projects in the research area are Swiss, British, German and American universities have been built up. In September 2010, a Kosovo delegation consisting of traveled from accreditation experts and part-time of for education of Kosovo in the Switzerland and discussed in talks with the Swiss universities / Caritas and IPF new collaboration opportunities for student exchange and research.