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Carbon Footprint

For each consignment: System Alliance calculated CO2 emissions from autumn 2012 represents the General cargo cooperation system Alliance their 42 regional operations a broadcast-related CO2 footprint available. More and more shippers inquiries to greenhouse gas emissions during the transport process to their carrier. Niederaula, 8th August 2012 – for his calculations, the cooperation for general cargo is geared to the requirements of the European draft of standard DIN EN 16258:2011. The conversion factors for greenhouse gases are set is expected at the end of the year binding. “On this basis we have us establishing a complex IT infrastructure including your own statistics server, that allows to work with broadcast-based real-time data”, explains System Alliance’s Managing Director Georg Kohler. With the solution, we are now introducing, we provide full data transparency.

“The values of the Handbook of emission factors of for road transport are the surveys ‘ basis.” Section analysis with Software EcoTransIT together with the project partners active logistics and IVE (engineering company for transport and railways mbH) General cargo cooperation has developed a process with which the CO2 calculation based on essential transport data can be performed. While the CO2 emissions per transport section for all shipments in the network system Alliance be determined process-oriented. The result is provided then electronically system partner businesses. With the implementation of the project, the General cargo cooperation has commissioned their IT service provider active logistics. He relies on a sophisticated instrument for calculating modes of transport-related CO2 emissions on sections with the software EcoTransIT by IVE.

For use at System Alliance, IVE has adapted the product on the existing transport infrastructure in the network of cooperation for general cargo. We use the relevant information from the transport data and thereby take into account the actual traffic,”explains Uwe Moller, active Manager logistics subsidiary in Niederaula. Calculations allow no cross-comparisons for the discovery of broadcast-related CO2 emissions has active logistics interfaces to the transport management systems of the partners and system partner created, which provide for the automatic transfer of data. These are merged on the Central CO2 statistics server and evaluated. Daily CO2 data available are the regional operations of the cooperation. To achieve maximum accuracy, we determine the values part stretch relative to the forward and trailing as well as for the main course or HUB transport for the two sections of the main run”, explains Uwe Moller. We are convinced that all CO2 values obtained so far in the transportation industry, allow no comparison”, says Georg Kohler. The survey methods are different and so inpiduell, like the company itself,”reports the system Alliance CEO. More information: Press contact: view of the main agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Uwe Berndt telephone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: System Alliance GmbH Industriestrasse 5 36272 low Aula Gudrun Raabe phone: 0 66 25 / 107-0 of system Alliance the embossed medium-sized forwarding network throughout Germany offering transport solutions for different industries and maintains his own main envelope company (HUB) in Niederaula. Running rule for 24/48 hours General cargo reached nationwide quickly and safely to your destination. Many premium products complete the range of high-quality transport solutions. 42 Regional companies belong to the network with a total of about 10,000 employees. International system Alliance of the Pan-European network of SystemPlus is connected. 22 Countries in Europe are approached daily by the specialists for road express freight.