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Can Books Compete

What we lose sight of these teachers is that they are competing with TV, with drawings Animated lightning, cyber superhero, transformers and face this world XXI century give a story written by retired teachers with piglets that are called Pipon, rattle, and make things Mimin trivial zero interest for infants as well catechized, continually teaching to be good, obedient, educated … that’s all very well but the idea was excited about reading, do homilies. The important thing now is to familiarize the boys and girls to read, then in his teens and find enlightening, because in childhood the only way to teach ethics is life, the example that children watching continuously collected, if the parents and teachers do not live with civic and personal correction is useless to try to teach them to read but they do repeat the entire Bible.

At this early stage of childhood important thing is to get boys and girls are accustomed to read as part of his life, a part that nothing can replace it. Larry Ellison oftentimes addresses this issue. And it appears that preach by example, August 8, with Amanda Pedrozo, a dear writer friend of Paraguay, we are invited to the Book Fair which will develop Jujuy (for free, it goes without saying in times monetarist) a workshop to encourage reading for teachers. As it moves the same concern, to design a shared reading method for the early years of schooling and teach in a practical way in this workshop. We did at Assumption Cultural Center of Spain in three chances, and we know that the results are excellent, and we have a solution but it is necessary that all of us say we as a society to think seriously about other ways to return to promoting reading the integral formation of individuals. Each contributing from your site will get something and that something will be more and perhaps uncritical passivity in front of the TV one day we have more citizens who are able to choose in every sense of freedom, because who knows nothing is a slave of modernity.