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When asked the reasons for that determination, she did not know that answer, but if you could feel as heat and color rose him by his face. His brother, who like Boris, were unrelated to this feeling, to understand it, led the conversation towards another course to release from that situation, thus preventing it feel ashamed at not find a logical answer to give, without exposing their pain, convinced that it was the best thing for her. From there, he never returned to talk about his friend in his presence. Natasha never had realized how much had hampered his relationship life the memory of Boris, until the day he returned from vacation they had taken next to Ruth, after finishing his studies of medicine, and the conversation held with Gladys and Ruth about the list of names for boys, where his name returned to the fore. Just that day, six or seven years later for his departure, she became aware of the love that had been kept very hidden inside his heart. Why, a year later, upon learning that it came from visit to Buenos Aires, asked his brother to invite him home because he wanted to see it.

I knew that he was married, had a son, but he didn’t. Just knew that I wanted to see him one more time again. Perhaps unconsciously think that that way could tripped on his memory and start looking at your around, in search of the love reserved for her. The afternoon that saw him at his brother’s House, his heart gave a turnaround. His entire body vibrated in unison, causing an indescribable feeling.

He believed that his poor heart does not resist the flow of so much blood pressure and that his legs would not resist enough to keep it standing, realizing that despite the time elapsed and everything what happened in his course, his love was intact. Left you no doubt of their feelings and everything I felt for him. When he noticed his presence, he quickly came to their meeting. Immediately by the gesture of his face, realized that just at that moment, he saw her as a woman and not to little sister of his friend. He liked his expression of his eyes. They indicated that he was very pleased with the image that had front. His words confirmed her reading. -Mira with what I am after so many years! A woman beautiful which tells me your brother is also medical-your warm exclamation no doubt gave to understand, that it really was beautiful and it was different from the memories that had taken her from. Original author and source of the article