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Britain Centres

In a similar pattern, built in Europe “religious centres” and supplied with stately means. From these centres, not only exiled Muslims from around the world are indoctrinated, but also dissatisfied locals. Ostensibly, the centres give the appearance culturally and socially to work and use also the achievements of Persian culture as the seals of a Rumi or Hafiz, which are very attractive for Europeans. Thus, the regime again washes in his bloody jacket. Not a few academics in Europe fall by financial and emotional benefits, and culturally sophisticated works from the Persian Empire on the regime in the Iran. First many decision makers are won, the time will come, that elements of the ideology of Iran’s suddenly in textbooks and bills show up.

As it could go further then everyone can imagine. Then they threw the formula liberty, equality, fraternity lightly into the jaws of the Dragon in Europe after 250 years, which despised all human values. To prevent that, Saadi, a Persian Sufi already proposed poet of the 13th century with a couplet: “a single Ant can do anything against the Dragons, but if the ants get together, you can skin the Dragon.” A solution of described imminent danger by the regime in the Iran is not in talks about a nuclear program of Iran, which would in fact be fear, but in the serious look on the Iran’s human rights violations and the support of the opposition in the Iran, calling for a referendum on a future system in the Iran. The nuclear issue would be any more quickly. Helmut N. fork, 1 “Margh bar” you can translate with “death for” Mehdi Karoubi has expressed several times in this respect 2 3 about the nature of the regime, that it was ordered at the time of the Shah not good to the human rights, but what do the current regime was a thousand times worse and inconceivable and incompatible with everything, what was holy to the teachings of Islam. 4 Hezbollah and Bassij and other organizations considered tangible helpers of Ali Khamenei on the way to the Caliphate.

After the 2009 presidential elections, the world could admire no later than their “Arts”. 5 we refer here to always recurring interference of various colonial powers such as Britain, Russia and the United States in the Iran. For example, the CIA against Mossadegh staged coup d ‘ etat from the 1950s. 6 those who are not classified in the commands of the leader are affected in principle. In particular affected women, ethnic groups and people and not regime-loyal intellectuals. 7 Quran connoisseurs and many Muslims, who are deeply religious, agree that the Sharia first is a law Canon designed for moving an old era of development and secondly must not be mixed with the legislation of a State, but can have an advisory function only in terms of religion. 8 Iran claimed repeatedly it would execute in the main drug dealer and the West should be happy because he’ll otherwise swamped by drugs. This claim must be challenged. The methods of torture and alleged confessions obtained as in the European middle ages similar to when witch trials are known. It is probably mainly to cloaked disposals of citizens has become crystal-clear. 9