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Based Costing

You must provide these documents, and d) clarify the cashier name change, and e) to buy a canister and fill it. Fixed on a photo or video with a timer and date: indications fiscal counter column, the process of refueling. Seal the canister with tape with his signature and the signature of two witnesses. This is an important point. The main evidence for the trial – the identity of three samples of fuel! 1.3. In service, when the cause of failure of fuel system – will be installed, you must: a) draw up a statement about the cause and nature of damage to the print service, signed by the chief engineer and master of change, and b) draw up a statement on the fence fuel from the tank in the presence of the master and senior shift. Samples of fuel, we must select two dry, clean two-liter bottle.

Tube sealed with tape printing service and signatures. One sealed bottle, sealed canister photographs or video footage will be retained by you (the evidence). Take a second sample for analysis. 1.4. After receiving the results of the study sample and the act of diesel fuel, can make a claim under supervision of an attorney. The experience of our customers shows that 9 out of 10 in this approach, the question resolved in favor of the client. Is that instead of diesel, negligent tanker filled gasoline you.

Do not rejoice that saved money. Gasoline – an excellent solvent, while the details of your fuel system lubricated members of the diesel fuel. In this case, you must: immediately switch off the engine, will deliver the car in Service Center, to merge all of the fuel, change the fuel filter, fill with special lubricity additives. In order to return the money, you must make a written complaint to the gas station, check to confirm the fact your refueling. As a rule, tankers not deny that poured petrol instead of diesel, the more that all products are fixed by filling around the clock with a video camera. Money is transferred to the account of technical center for Based Costing exposed. And, if substantiated claims of the customer, but a fact confirmed by filling petrol own investigation of the company, the money for the repair of fuel equipment clients are listed with apology and without unnecessary delay.