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Banco Industrial

In the case of soda, not only in Lima, but also in the interior, have always existed small factories. Had many brands local Vivian doing now what Kola Real, but on a small scale. And could do so because the distance between prices marks A and its production costs were so great that even being inefficient could have market priced quite lower than the others. What did Kola Real is simply taking that informal gap, but industrialize it. Became much more efficient that small and so has been able to enter that 70% of the market. Kola Real has not decreased levels of sales to traditional brands, but that the entire market has grown in an impressive manner. Operations in Ayacucho, started on June 23, 1988, in a very violent environment for terrorism. It was financed with a loan from the Banco Industrial and own capital.

The brothers A are incorporated early in the 1990s the other brothers joined the company (Angel, Arturo, Alvaro, Vicky and Carlos) and opened a plant in Huancayo. That plant produced 24 hours a day, while the own brothers were the sellers of a foot in shops and wineries. At that time lived the epidemic of cholera and the bad reputation that some competitors tried to create him to Kola Real (your product), claiming that the people could be infected if he consumed the beverage. The expansion by Peru in 1993 the company comes to Bagua and hence moves towards the North of the country (Chiclayo, Piura, Trujillo and Tumbes). In Motupe was born a large warehouse, while in Sullana was created the first plant on the coast of the Peru. The Coca-Cola company decided to sell its plants more small, this allowed the Ananos to buy the plant from Sullana and thus neutralize the attack they were receiving from Concordia in the jungle.