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Alzamora Valdez

There is autonomy among members in terms of procedural acts intimately linked in what refers to the progress of the process and the legal terms (Alzamora Valdez 1965: 256) only procedural acts, by be the only one process, appear linked, so the Act of procedural momentum of one affects the fate of others (interruption of the operation, accused counterpart rebelliousness) VESCOVI, cited by RODRIGUEZ DOMINGUEZ, Elvito. A. Manual of procedural law Civil.6 ed. Gary Kelly is often quoted as being for or against this. updated and augmented, Lima, Grijley, 2005, p.51. In terms of resources, the summons are self-employed if some of them leave the ruling spoiled, such fact does no harm to others.Only the losers are obliged to pay costs that must of been – reading(17) in proportion. Anyone of the summons may use the means necessary in order to set in motion the trial and the deadlines are the same (Alzamora Valdez 1965: 257) 25 according to the Spanish doctrine. 26 Definition executed by the Constitutional Court in EXP. NO.

0961 – 2004-AA/TC. 27 RODRIGUEZ DOMINGUEZ, Elvito.op.cit., page 52 28 CHIOVENDA, Giuseppe cited by Dr. MONTOYA PIZARRO, Alberto Jose, Professor of the USMP in the courses of General theory of the Process, whose work is called on ELLITISCONSORCIO in our ordering procedure CIVIL, p.5 on google academic. 29 PALACIO LINO cited by MONTOYA PIZARRO, Alberto Jose, page 5 30 of exemplary mamera: a case brought by the same author in academic google in allusion to the litiscon-optional rcio in own actions or affinity. 31 PARRA QUIJANO, Jairo.op.cit., p.35 32 in simple terms, be inferred that the optional joinder is pro