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Alexander Bredereck

The planned reform of tenancy at modernization rent modernisation measures can mean a major annoyance for the tenants. A lease that it has kept any for many years stable, can be increased under relatively easy conditions. The landlord carries out modernization measures, he can raise the rent under certain conditions. The landlord must offload the costs E.g. by insulation measures at a certain height on the tenant. Since such measures cost very much, the rent due to modernisation measures can get quickly per month to more than 100.

The Federal Government plans to make even cheaper a modernisation measure for the landlord. The tax burden is to be reduced for energetic measures. According to a report in the mirror of the 20.6.2011, the tenants Association asks that these financial relief for the tenant should be noticeable. The cost of the measures (in part) on it are finally passed. In the case of a discharge of the Landlord would it be fair, to take the load from the shoulder of the lessee as the tenant Association. Without a change in the law, it will remain comfortable: the landlord may pass the statutory part of the cost of a modernisation measure on the tenant. What the landlord but cannot, is to charge the lessee the cost of further measures about maintenance and repair measures. Specialist Attorney tip tenants: check for a rent increase due to modernization always upgrading was announced at all time whether it is actually a modernization (often necessary repairs as modernization be sold, because for example a facade insulation has been added) and whether the cost put on the approach for the handyman services are also appropriate. Specialist Attorney tip landlord: up to a corresponding amendment should probably apply, that the costs of modernisation measures in tax relief under the statutory provisions on the Tenants must be passed. A post by lawyer for rental and property law Alexander Bredereck and lawyer Dr. Attila Fodor Berlin-Mitte E-mail: