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Adriatic Riviera

The ideal sport is the ideal sport to keep fit even on holiday cycling to keep fit, and also the holidays can be a good time to not to renounce the healthy habits. The cyclists, like the marathon runner, burning very many calories and therefore a specific diet is critical first and foremost and secondarily, dietary supplements and minerals play an essential role. Foods, which are removed from the diet of each wheel sportsman, alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugary snacks (snacks), include to much red meat and fried foods. Fruit and vegetables can be consumed without any restriction, also 7 servings per day. More perfectly suitable foods are pasta with some sauce, all white meats, fish, and Parmesan cheese. For these reasons, the cycling is ideally suited to the Mediterranean diet. During strength training you should take, such as pasta, bread, potatoes slowly burn to carbohydrates, they meet the energy requirements for an extensive ideal physical effort off, to jam or honey sugar generally mild sausages, tea and coffee.

Do not underestimate you should force training phase, where you must add new energy to the body, stay hydrated and eat mainly pizza, pasta, fruit, sausage and vegetables. Also the food supplements that promote the performance of athletes in conjunction with the right diet play an important role. The dietary supplements promote the well-being of athletes of all levels, and in some cases the nutritional science has reached a high degree of efficiency. As for example in the bars, the extra for the endurance sports were developed and mean an always ready to hand power for the body of the wheel sportsman. But definitely not a dietary supplement replaced the meal, it complements it rather by it provides athletes the calories he needs for his training. Who runs endurance sports such as cycling, does so with a passion and practiced this sport in the Holiday.

But also in the holiday you must pay attention to a proper diet: a balanced and healthy diet, taking into account the specific needs. More specifically involves a diet style that cannot be neglected, to maintain the sporting power. Many hotels on the Adriatic Riviera, in Riccione, for example, seeking bikers and cyclist, have devised a range of special services, where the diet plays a very important role. Wouldn’t some establishments, which are mostly aligned on the target group of cyclists, the fact take into account that cyclists not to adhere to fixed meal times, but flexibility must be given when taking the meals. The athletes leave early in the morning, so need a high-energy breakfast, and return in the late afternoon, and at this point she must expect a buffet. Some hotels have also on the Special Needs prepared the training and preparation for the competition require, and offer special and balanced menus for the needs of each individual and which support opportunity for the exchange of ideas with nutritionists, athletes.