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A Gentle Thing: WOLF Signing Technique Uses InnoMotix System

Pneumatic actuator for the control of inkjet coding systems Feldkirchen-Westerham / Siegen, 03 July 2013 the company WOLF sign technology uses the electro-pneumatic drive system FOX of InnoMotix for controlling their Leibinger JET 3 Encoder to industrial marking. Use of this new pneumatic actuator is mainly a technical aspect: the signing head can optimally drive through the ruck and shock-free movement without hard stop on the object to be signed. This convinced the intelligent pneumatic drive system without shock compared to traditional pneumatic or expensive electrical solutions. Over 80 years experience the company WOLF sign technology combines a machine around the marking of products of any kind printed is everything from eggs over glasses up to cables. Depending on the nature of the goods, this is an extremely sensitive matter: If the lettering machines to suddenly drive or hard beat, the full article is no longer usable. For this reason, the Fox system is by InnoMotix the ideal alternative. The electro-pneumatic drive system works without built-in damper, which lead to a hard stop at traditional pneumatic.

The Fox controls in conjunction be used with the existing Leibinger JET printer system of WOLF-signing technology. The small character ink jet printer with inkjet technology used for non-contact marking of products and packaging. In this system the existing electrical was replaced now by the pneumatic actuator. The InnoMotix solution consists of an electrical control system and two 3/4-way valves. You are connected to the existing linear cylinders and control the complete movement of the piston or the print head from an end position to the opposite side. The two valves switching during the respective braking that is a braking corresponds to a movement – by air to counter air, to start so the braking in time. The system serves not only the acceleration of the cylinder piston (such as traditional Pneumatic valves), but takes over the task of gentle braking of the system up to a standstill in an arbitrarily defined hard stop.

The cylinder piston is braked by means of counter air soft and allows to a shock-free and highly dynamic motion. This matches exactly the needs of our customers. With the InnoMotix system the signing devices go along gently on the object that you want to label, and also at the end of this movement, it comes to no unwanted jerking”, reported Diethelm stone, Service Manager at WOLF-signing technology. More common technical developments for a signing table with integral Fox controls are already in planning. Photo: WOLF signing technique uses the technique of InnoMotix to drive the Leibinger JET signing equipment. Photos: InnoMotix / WOLF signing technology InnoMotix in brief: the InnoMotix GmbH, headquartered in Feldkirchen-Westerham was founded in early 2009. InnoMotix’s core business is the development and distribution of control solutions for pneumatic actuators. In addition to the founders, who include High-Tech Grunderfonds and Bavaria capital involved in the company. The InnoMotix GmbH develops, produces and distributes innovative and patented control system for pneumatic actuators, InnoMotix consisting of the electronic InnoMotix cylinder control and the InnoMotix valve blocks. The InnoMotix control system allows a smooth, highly dynamic motion for all oscillating cylinder (pneumatic without dampers”). Thus pneumatics can be used much more productive and less expensive, and it opens up new applications for pneumatics.