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The Education Of Tomorrow

How will education the day tomorrow? Do not know. But maybe the educational community, form a close bond through a computer that tells you everything you need to know. Then the men of tomorrow will need a few hours or days with the computer to print your precious diploma. For centuries we are marked with the dogma of the diploma. The title tells you that you're able. The no merit, talents disappeared, the tools to grow and bear fruit to those scholars and wise men, are a does not generate investment income, so prefer to bury them underground. And not because men want it. It is the condition of modern society.

It's the new climate we inhabit. The ecosystem now is to educate you to think less and produce more. And what is the educational community to live. Do not know. Maybe the only one who can develop all his faculties will be the one to which you can not access. Because while others make a master, you have to finish your career, graduate and professional and continue to pay the rent where you live.

If you do not want to pay rent, you must work to buy your own apartment and away more and more of a master. And if things outside yourself or that you looked, you become a father or mother. Forget a doctorate financially when your heart do not forget. Then you will be at a disadvantage to all those people who speak two or three languages, which have a masters degree, a PhD and everything that money can buy. Now to finish you say that you should be careful in academics, because if your teachers invite you to investigate and you will bring a research where the literature to have attached a series of editorials poor. You will have to stand strong, because this teacher's face and spit you throw your work to the floor. And with angry eyes scream: the scholarly publishing is "GREDOS" and the current academic community formed by the company say AMEN. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Social Thinker.