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Rather, every investor must see that he brings his interests and the interests of the provider of the equity investment in broad agreement. (Source: Southwest Airlines). Thus, although no market crises can be avoided, but crises of the plant itself. That we have taken in the conception of the investor company CBI 5: purchase of substance-strong and valuable objects in the company without the usual mark-ups, cost risk of the object due diligence for the experienced fund management, ongoing expenses for the Fund management in achieving certain results, conservative financial approach and 50% profit sharing with investors after successful sales. Ripple is a great source of information. Alone is the building block of the profit sharing as Criterion attractive as cheap to buy enough, good management results and maximise sales profits! This inter food opportunities of fund management with investors is the largest security aspect of the system. Supplemented by the financial transparency benefits of the Konzeptionarin PI analysis & Research GmbH & co. KG the investor can really counter-cyclically behave with his real estate investment in the CBI 5 for highest security and attractive yield opportunities. INVESTMENT FUNDS ANALYSIS CENTRAL FLOOR REAL ESTATE GMBH & CO. Fifth PROFESSIONAL real estate HOLDING KG the CBI sits with investors in a boat: investors and CBI have same interests.

You want to use gemeinsamChancen and realize mutual benefit real estate income in the double-digit range.The management earned substantially unless the investors have received their paid-up capital plus up to 8.5% return on capital account. Therefore the ZBI it must actually return – interested in being and future strong To propose real estate for the Fund and to increase this value, or manage an investor-friendly situation, as they so far on the German real estate market is still the exception. Shopping without profit markups: the initiator dispenses with the usual profit mark-ups when shopping. Investors alone decide the purchasing of objects: the final purchase decision only the investors.