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Experts have previously unknown support layer Stuttgart after horizontal hole completed, 25.11.2010. Facebook often addresses the matter in his writings. Even the otherwise rather permitted Texans were surprised, what is revealed to them during the now completed horizontal bore of the McMullen 3 at around 11,000 feet (4,000 m) depth. The horizontal bore multiple such strong gas shows were on a length of about 4,500 feet”measured and torched the resulting flame 15 miles away was to see. The then widely visible flame while impressively demonstrates that the Stuttgart-based energy company encountered a gas and oil, that even professionals in the region did not expect and that on a total length of at least 1.5 kilometers! (see video clip under “Latest news”) not only its first horizontal drilling has successfully completed the U.S. oil and gas Fund VIII KG.

The color of the flame reveals also that so-called liquids were found in addition to natural gas. A very pleasing fact that the undoubtedly positive Impact on the original Fund calculation will have. The huge gas shows that occurred repeatedly during the hole show also that the newfound support layer over the entire length has a very good porosity promote themselves very well. “With a thickness of approximately 400 feet (120 meters) and a so-called sweet spot” of more than 100 feet, this support layer alone has natural gas reservoirs, which significantly exceed the original calculation of the Fund. With these results, the newly discovered layer of funding even comparisons with the known Eagle Ford – or Haynesville shale must not be afraid. Possibility, to promote more funding layers such as, for example, the Olmos layer a more proven gas-bearing layer in the McMullen also continue”, declares Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital invest. It was actually the Olmos layer underlying the calculation of the eighth the energy capital investment fund. But with the newfound Layer will be probably no longer necessary to promote this as the expected revenues for the brochure correct realization of the US are likely to meet oil and gas Fund VIII KG.

Probably already in January the horizontal hole of the McMullen 3 is gefract”. Along its entire length the sand and rocks are blasted up then total 14″. Following is the hole connected to the pipeline completed by then and thus first exploration results. Not only the mineral extraction rights in the production unit McMullen 3 have increased by this additional extraordinary support layer. Through the horizontal hole in successfully running our experts on the spot for the other holes are corresponding positive results”, explains the Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based energy company. Thus, also the predecessor Fund will benefit from the exceptional natural gas and Petroleum Fund of McMullen-well-3. Because both the US oil and gas Fund VI will be as well the VII KG already very promptly in close proximity and thus in the same geological formation of the McMullen 3 drill. For investors the newly found flow zone means a large piece now more on security alone through this extraordinary natural gas and Petroleum Fund, the value of mineral extraction rights tabled by the initiator has increased. “It is not unlikely therefore, what is rumored to be currently under confidential briefings: that namely the newly discovered layer of conveying Fury” could mean and thus carry the name of the operative in the United States society of energy capital invest would. The opportunity to participate in this short term funds with attractive yields is a few weeks away. For more information see