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Alice Schwarzer

This is a famous “Originally posted by Alice Schwarzer: women are not better people, they had so far only so not much opportunity to get your hands dirty.” At least in the consumer behavior of female shift megatrend is clear. “The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) writes exaggerated: since you discovered that books be purchased primarily by women, that determine the audience on TV and drive the circulation of magazines and newspapers in the height, is the terror of Gefuhligkeit broke out.” And by women with the wallet can vote, they have today sealed the report of Psychology a form of political power, which itself will affect economically, so the expert Monique. Women are a bit sensitised than the men for the moral questions. For the future, this means that they are twice were, if we buy a yoghurt, which is manufactured in Finland and rolling hundreds of kilometres per load balances to us about the country roads. We feel free When the meat purchase from the grocery store, because we think of the transport of animals”, so seal.

In addition to female shift, neo-ecology and health therefore be more mega-trends of the future. The industry responds to the growing maturity of the consumer, for example, the technology producer Bizerba from Balingen. He produced modern PC scales, with the help of their staff at the deli counter at the push of button can call information products. This active offer of communications cancelled the service to a new level, which meets the growing maturity of the consumer. The seller weighs, for example, a pork roast, she can communicate at the same time information about its origin and ingredients”, explains Claudia Gross, Director global marketing and communication at Bizerba. In the engineering design, men no longer are the measure of all things, so world online. Never the industry so much so to the ladies have crushes. Whether it’s for mobile phones, laptops or gaming consoles, bright colors, soft forms and new materials are to customers curl.