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Fast Cycling Requires Helmet

Fast cycling requires SchutzhelmKfz insurance achieved increase in the liability rate a bicycle helmet can in an accident Lifesaver prove. Who renounced the wearing of a protective helmet, puts not only his health at risk, but should expect in an emergency also lower damages. So decided the higher regional court of Munich in favour of car insurance, which called for an increase in the liability rate for a race driver. The finance portal reported about the case. In this case, it went to a race driver who complained after a crash with a VW bus on damages. The man had worn a helmet and suffered serious head injuries from the collision among others.

In the first instance, the Landgericht Memmingen two-thirds chose the plaintiff because the driver of the VW bus had disregarded the right of way. The Court upheld the full claim not because interprets the cycle as a secondary dirt road, therefore, would have been obliged to cyclists, a the circumstances to comply with reasonable speed. The insurance of the person who caused the accident did not accept this judgment, appealed and demanded an increase in the liability rate of the race driver. The higher regional court of Munich decided on this point in favour of insurance and raised the rate to 40 percent. “As a justification, the Court in its judgment of 3 March 2011 (AZ. 24 U-384/10), that with a sporty driving style” was the obligation to wear a helmet. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann