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"Ever wondered why your account executive is not a millionaire? Is not he or she who advises where to invest your money? We recently learned of a close relative who had come back five years ago to account executive at a bank in the United States, he wanted to invest a sum of money in stocks and mutual funds safe. Account Executive advised some actions in a highly volatile sector fell sharply, as often happens in areas of greatest risk. The mutual fund "safe" barely rose in value in a market that was on the rise and then fell sharply when the market declined. So there was not more security …. The end result: loss of a significant amount of investment. The lesson learned: do not let others choose an investment vehicle for you! Take time to educate yourself so you can choose yourself. To know more about this subject visit Verizon Communications.

WDDanko TJStanley and made an interesting study of the habits of millionaires in the U.S.. You can read the results obtained in his famous book "The Millionaire Next Door." Among many other amazing data, found that the millionaires have a habit of investing much more time managing and investing their money than the average person. In other words, they are constantly aware of what happens to their money and plan thoroughly what they're doing with him in the future. Therefore, if you want to get out of the lot will have to do things differently to the average person who just take the time to balance your checkbook. Most people do not invest enough time and money for education in the area of finance before going to invest. So the word "investment" has a connotation of risk and uncertainty. It need not be. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk factor in any investment, it is feasible to measure and reduce it.