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The Sock Samba To The Scharzesack-Tango

“Palatine evening” with Christy core in the CJD Palatine dialect and perfect culinary delights were capricious youth village for Offenburg in these days in the restaurant saw pond of CJD served youth village Offenburg. Centre of attention “Palatine” was the singer-songwriter Christy core with their cheerful and thoughtful chansons in “palzischer Muddersprooch”. The trainees of the catering area with typical specialities from the Palatinate provided the appropriate framework for this purpose. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. “Front O un hinne Ah, the page Offebach”: with this chanson Harlan core presented their home. This however is not Offenbach an der Queich is to the Hessian city of on-the-main, but rather the small South-Palatinate municipality.

And even if the Meissenheimer already long not more living songwriter, she didn’t lose their love for the “Palzischen Muddersprooch”. Whether the standing at the wrong Fund, socks lost in washing machines, or men who accompany their wives when shopping: packed in their humorous satirical compositions Christy core with a wink and real life many well-known everyday dramas. So have “Lisett d’un d ‘ Marie ‘, for example, a wonderful solution for the annual problem of mutual Beschenkens found, until by a misfortune the pre-World tremendously shaken. At the “Scharzesack Tango”, the guests receive insight into the daily increasing content of the stay-at-home smocks aprons bags. And with the song “Calibration OK”, Harlan is reflected finally by her thoughtful side core. During the breaks, trainees of the catering area served a multi-course menu with Palatine specialities, such as beef back “Palatine art” or steam pasta in wine sauce. It also had of course Palatine wines. The “Palatine evening” was now the fourth event in the context of “culture and consumption in the CJD youth village for Offenburg”. With this series of events, which will continue in the future, the youth village in the public should be made on the one hand well-known, as moderator and CJD staff Samuel Breisacher stressed. On the other hand, the young trainees at the orientation of this evening can prove their skills under realistic conditions prove. Markus Hartmann wort.Laut