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The Importance Of Management Skills

In the specific case of the companies we are concerned, these actors need reliable than those involving skills to operate, produce efficiently, ensuring not only survival but development, achievement and permanence of the market. What really are the skills? What is involved? Why its importance, scope, impact? It is true that states that a company decides to accept work for Powers, must work systematically to identify the competencies required by their staff, since it is almost impossible to make use of skill sets developed by other organizations. Although you can make use of the lists of generic competencies developed by different authors, the organization released no additional work to adapt and disseminate among staff, because in fact, is creating a new way of perceiving the work itself .

To determine its importance, relevance and scope, it is important to determine what is meant by responsibility in this regard is can point to some definitions that allow us to determine its scope, relevance, namely: To Boyatzis (Woodruffe, 1993) are “sets of patterns, a person must carry a charge to efficiently perform their duties and functions Ansorena Cao ( 1996): “A skill or personal attribute of the behavior of a subject, which can be defined as a characteristic of their behavior, and, under which the task-oriented behavior can be classified in a logical and reliable.” (p. 76 ) Guion (quoted in Spencer and Spencer) defined as underlying characteristics of people who suggest ways of behaving or thinking, generalize from one situation to another, and that are maintained over a reasonably long “Woodruffe (1993) are presented as “One dimension of open and gross behavior, which will allow a person to perform efficiently.” It follows as recorded by Nelson Rodriguez Trujillo: 1.