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The Effect

3 exactly the idea having been caused for the object, it is not necessarily similar it (it has two sun ideas, one for the directions, another one for the knowledge in astronomy). Of the things that exist outside of the citizen, objective reality can be granted to them: The things that represent substances contain more objective reality. In note: the perfection is a good that if must possess of course belongs to the being. idea of a sovereign, perpetual and infinite God (…), possesss more objective reality that any another idea. 16 the 19 – as much objective reality in the cause how much in its effect Must have; all effect must have a cause, and this last one has that to have more reality (to be more perfect) that its dependent, the effect. The idea that if has of this object that is effect, has that to have been placed in the citizen for some cause. It concludes: if the objective idea some reality are such that if recognizes clearly that it not this in the citizen (nor formal nor eminently), and that he himself being to it cannot cause, then it is not alone in the world, but he has something that is cause of this idea, contrary case cannot prove the existence beyond he himself you are welcome. Sort of ideas: the ones exist that represent the proper citizen, that represent the God, who represents corporal and inanimate things, angels, the men and animals; the last ones can be formed by ideas that if find in the citizen, from the idea of God and others corporal things. The corporal ones can also come of he himself, therefore little it is known of them clearly and distinct. How much to the apprehended ones for tacto, they are obscurer still: beyond the judgments, also if it can here find some falseness material, happened of the spirit.