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The Battle

In front of our eyes a new one arises that it requires of imagination and of intelligence so that it has a normal birth and so that the fetus does not present/display deformations. To be repetitive until the obstinacy, it is in the field of the policy where we must rejuvenecer as quickly as possible, while rare avis now happens to be to find a gracious governor or an aspiring to serlo- it understands that it. However, the anonymous reader will raise to us, how I apply these conceptions to the immediate or progressive liberation of my own drama that now alive? Evidently we are not raising a moral conversion of the population or the sudden appearance of a ray that it illuminates to a town towards the shift of paradigms. It is enough to initiate the understanding of a multiple, contradictory and complementary reality and to interrogate to us if our beliefs have lead to us to some concrete result. If the answer is negative already the tap for the abandonment of the unsuitable paradigms and its substitution by others will be open. The process in its end only can be measured in long time, but the decision to change the glance or simply to interrogate envelope she has consequences in the short term. From the power one is not becoming political, this type of being able does not conceive it. Who theoretically are against to him not they manage it to understand like an action specificity.

Against a power of this type the policy only can come from a subject does that it like a specific rupture. To raise an assumption return to the democracy is not a rupture. This would begin to impose a political battle, because if it stays in an evanescent territory the policy becomes unnecessary and the opresor regime will have gained the totality of the battle.